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How I set up my mail folders

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Thought it might be interesting if we shared our techniques for managing our mail.
Here's what I do, I use thebat but i'm guessing you could use similar approach to most email clients.

In addition to my normal accounts I have 2 addition global folders, and each of these as a child folder):

+Incoming Spam
--Confirmed Spam
+Incoming Mailing Lists
--Read Mailing Lists

Then i have all my various email accounts (about 5 different email accounts)

I use "common" filters which are shared between all acounts to detect spam and mailing lists.
These filters always mark the mail read and move in tinto either Incoming MailingLists, Incoming Spam or Confirmed Spam (if i'm 100% confident that the filter is never going to false positive spam).  All of these filters mark the mail read, since i don't need to be alerted to these emails.

Then i ocassional check those two top level incoming folders, to make read mailing lists or check that everything identified as spam is really spam, and i move to those emails to the confirmed/read sections.  Occassionally i delete the confirmed spam.  You can see my basic approach is better safe than sorry, keep everything until you are sure you'll never need it.

Then in each email account, in addition to the default Inbox,
I create folders for "Inbox - Known", "Inbox - To Be Files", and "Inbox - To Reply".

I have a filters in each account that say all mail from known users in my address book, goes to the account "Inbox - Known" folder, so that my address book acts basically as what they call a 'white list'.  I use right-click on messages from new people to add them to my address book.

A default filter sends all other mail to the "Inbox - To Be Filed" folder.

I manually drag+drop messages that I need to reply to later into the "Inbox - To Reply" folder so i don't forget to reply.

Oh, and I also use different sounds for different folders so that I can tell audibly when messages to different accounts/folders arrive.
The sounds I use are downloadable from the email review page, mainly chimes and similar things.

If anyone else has tips and tricks to share, please post.

Very interesting, mouser.  I guess I didn't have to start a whole new thread for this...

I have a question about the Bat...I've used Pegasus all my life, but I do like the Bat also.  Pegasus has this "new mail" feature where all new mail comes into a temporary "new mail" folder (mailbox, whatever).  You can apply filters to be run either before it gets into the new mail folder, or after the new mail folder is closed.  You see, the new mail folder pops up after you hit the check mail button, and they all collect there until you close it.  If you don't apply any filters, the new mail stays in that folder.  I apply a filter that acts as soon as the new mail folder is closed, so that once I've read the new mail, the messages automatically get filtered to where they are supposed to go.

My question is, is it possible to do this in the Bat?  Can all my new mail come into one location (whether it's virtual or physical doesn't matter) where I can read it, and then have a filter automatically be applied once I'm done reviewing all of my new mail so that the emails get properly filed away?  What I don't like about most email programs with filters is that the filters get applied as soon as you check your mail, so that you have to navigate through multiple directories to read all of the new mail.

If anyone else has tips and tricks to share, please post.
-mouser (May 19, 2005, 04:22 AM)
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My advice: use Google Mail :)

No more sorting of emails into different folders, you just appy labels (or use filters to automatically apply labels). Benefit: you could apply more than one label to one email and do much more. Really the best way to handle private emails right now IMHO.

My advice: use Google Mail :) (January 13, 2006, 06:20 PM)
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IMO,there's no better advice when it comes to e-mail.I support your opinion,brotherS!
I don't even know how didn't anyone had google's idea before! ;)
Perfect for handling e-mail,gmail allows you to create filters giving you no work at all when it comes to organize e-mail..And if you can't find any of it,just it! :D
You can even be too lazy,and just "archive" everything and later,search for it...
And,as mentioned in another post,you also get the bonus of having a great spam filter  :Thmbsup:

...then have a filter automatically be applied once I'm done reviewing all of my new mail so that the emails get properly filed away?
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that's an interesting idea.  i dont think you can strictly do this in thebat, because there's no real notion of "closing a mailbox" which would trigger the filter.

however, i think you could do what you are saying by making a virtual folder and having it display all UNREAD mail.
now all new mail would get filtered right away to the different folders, but your virtual folder would always contain all unread mail from all accounts.  i think you can do that.


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