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How I set up my mail folders

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With all this thing about webmail vs mail client, i just went off-topic and didn't get to say how i set up my mail folders.So, here goes:
As everyone with gmail, primarily, i separate my e-mail between the inbox, the archive, the sent e-mail and spam.
The spam gets filtered to spam's folder,and the rest of the received mail goes to inbox.
In the inbox, sent mail and archive, i tag (actually, gmail does it for me) my e-mail using the folowing markers:
- Pedro (all the e-mail received from a friend of mine that i usually mail to)
- ist (all the incoming mail from my university, which also includes mails from Pedro, since he's my colleague)
- logins (where i keep all the e-mails i receive concerning logins to sites and stuff like that, since i keep forgetting my logins, and in my last e-mail box,i couldn't find anything)
- family (all the e-mails from my family)
I keep the most recent, important, or simply unsolved mails in my inbox, and everything else goes to archive ;)

@ brotherS: since you also use gmail, how do you organize your mail? Do you simply put everything to archive, or you use something similar to how i do it?


@ brotherS: since you also use gmail, how do you organize your mail? Do you simply put everything to archive, or you use something similar to how i do it?
-jgpaiva (January 17, 2006, 04:30 AM)
--- End quote ---
I also use labels a lot, these are my most used ones:
- BetaNews (mails from about new versions of programs that I use)
- forums (mails from various forums about new replys/new topics)
- friends (should be obvious)
- Newsletters (the various newsletters I subscribed to)

Google Mail auto-labels all those for me.

I have just posted this question over at the Davidco forums, but I'll ask here too: Does anyone know of any tips for using The Bat! for a GTD setup?

is that last thing about Ritlabs selling info true
--- End quote ---
No. I knew it looked bad when I wrote that... Everything up to that comment is true for me. I only just started using The Bat, I'm on ~day 4 of my trial.

a friend of mine's friend, that deleted a very important mail, and asked google if there was a way to get it back. next day,there it was.. *spooky!*).
--- End quote ---
That's crazy... It does show a commitment to customer service though.
Also, nobody's paying me. Just don't let the good people at Sony/BMG know I said that (just kidding).
I see what you (jgpaiva) mean now about not having to download the messages. Yeah, they can get huge if they have attachments (I don't get very many attachments, so it's easy for me to forget them). But when my neighbor decides to send me 6mb of BMPs it is quite annoying. Yeah, I think downloads are slower using e-mail servers too (instead of html servers).
Also about sent mail, I don't think I understood you the first time. In my experience, sent mail is only stored in the webmail interface or by the e-mail client. I hate sending mail with webmail for this very reason, it's stuck there forever.

I'm pretty surprised/chagrined that you can import/export mail/contacts to/from g-mail... well actually, with the "ad scanning" stuff it makes sense... It does sound like g-mail is the way to go if you're going to use any webmail!

Honestly, the ads don't bother me that much. They're everywhere except in dreams (check Futurama season 1 episode 6 for more details). It just seems stupid to let google scan your e-mail when most people would activly try to stop an application from doing the same.

Here's what I do, it's not that fancy, but it works...

I have a "From Contacts" folder, where all the mail that is from someone in my address book is stored. (These messages don't have any other filters run on them).
Then for everything else (that doesn't get automatically deleted) I have the "Inbox" folder.
Since starting with The Bat! I've started using a dedicated folder for a mailing list I'm on. The mailing list has 4 types of messages; each type has it's own subfolder.

My e-mail organization is more based on filtering out spam. I have a couple main filters that take care of ~90% of the 50 - 100 spam messages I get daily.
I don't keep my spam, if a message meets any of my filter's criteria, it gets deleted from the server, I never see it.

Filter 1: delete anything that isn't sent to my addresses.
Filter 2: delete anything that doesn't have a vowel in the subject. This takes care of the international spam for the most part.
Filter 3: delete anything that has an attachment (remember, people in my address book bypass these filters, so friends can send me infected files, but strangers can't).
Filter 4: delete mail with the following words/phrases (the list will grow with time): pharmacy, stock, love life, voyeur, as low as, echannelline

I'm thinking of filtering out anything from a foreign domain.


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