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We are heading towards a sandboxed future, with apps coming from apps stores.

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This describes OSX appstore.

Actually, Windows 8 apps are sandboxed too. Take a look at the Microsoft requirements to distribute a new Metro-Style app through their own app store. Same sandboxed requirements.

The future that Stallman used to write about, to scare children, is actually here.

I doubt that for windows because large number of commercial domains use custom softwares.They are never known outside particular firm so i doubt MS will ever lock apps and drivers to their appstore.If that day comes by some chance then there is this bird in iceland to rescue.

Off topic:
Spoilerthere is this bird in iceland to rescue.
-mahesh2k (November 03, 2011, 10:14 AM)
--- End quote ---

A penguin? In Iceland? Or Antartica?
There might not be penguins in Iceland (ok, well maybe in the zoo...)

lol i wanted to make it sound like-alice in wonderland.

I think the original article is somehow lumping the notion of sandboxes in with 'walled gardens.'

One does not imply or require the other. Sandboxes are (almost always) a force for good. And you can run 'sandboxed' in a completely open and free environment with no need to let yourself be forced onto a captive platform or through a portal to do so. No need to even install anything. Just boot off any 'live' Linux distro and you're there.



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