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Hotkey/comand to change grid

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Hi. i use Gridmove every day. But i was woundering if it is
possible to change grid wiht a comand or a hotkey?

I only ever use hotkey:
Win+G is the default AFAIK
Right-click the systray icon >Hotkeys >etc.

Win+G will show a grid, you can move on to the next grid(s) by pressing the "n" key

Right-click the Systray icon >Options >Show numbers on grid
if that's selected the relevant numbers will select the relevant grids

Hope that makes sense.

PS there is a help text file
from the help file  4 - Keyboard Hotkeys

  The following hotkeys can be configured through the tray menu ->

  4.1 - The command mode
  By pressing WIN+G (g for Grid/GridMove), you'll make GridMove go into
Command mode. The grid will come up, and you'll have a small box in
the middle of the screen. GridMove will now wait for you to press
something. If you press esc, it'll quit Command mode.
  Command mode is very useful for moving a window somewhere real fast,
or for cicling grids using the keyboard.
  If you press a number, the window will be moved to the corresponding
grid part.
  If you press N GridMove will switch to the next grid on its list.
  If you press M, the window's maximize state will be toggled.
  If you press 0, the window will be minimized.  
  If you press R, the script will be reloaded.

  4.2 - FastMove
  FastMove is a faster alternative to Command mode.

I dont know what "FastMove" is...

PS there is a help text file
I dont know what "FastMove" is...
-tomos (November 01, 2011, 01:18 PM)
--- End quote ---
Sorry, the help file doesn't really help much with "FastMove"  :-[
It's the fastest way to move windows. Just press Win+# (where '#' is a number), and GridMove will move the active window to the corresponding grid ;)

I was perhaps a little unclear in the first post. I want to change the template by using a hotkey/comand

Oh, sorry, I misunderstood. then follow tomos's advice, win+g then pressing "n" will change to the next grid. You can change the list which it cycles through in the tray menu ;)


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