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DONE: Finding Mousepointer Utility

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Question: Does SC start up when you doubleclick the "wrong" icon?
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this is the key question - because the icon is for the setup program.

here is my guess:
the setup program and the main exe are named the same.
so it's just that windows has cached the icon (this happens somtimes).
i dont remember an easy way to refresh the icon cache, but
when you restart windows next it will be correct icon.

btw: if you plan to leave sc running in the tray at all times like many of us (and check the option in sc to start with windows), then you dont even want that icon on your desktop and you can delete it.  you can always start sc from the start menu.

 :D Hello Joto and Mouser, when I started the computer after my weekend-break (few days Rotterdam/Holland, city of all places) the NICE icon was already back .. so Mouser: you were right! Thanks. And thanks also to Joto for thinking about. As you suggested, I have Screenshot Captor now starting-up and thus deleted the icon. (I also learned that here 'how to make programs start-up'!).
Thanks, greetings and all the best for now.


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