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DONE: Finding Mousepointer Utility

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b.t.w. If I have questions about some (different) problems I sometimes have with my computer is it possible that I can post them here or is this forum only for its own programs (Donation Coder) related?
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we discuss all software here - so feel free to post about any programs :)

donationcoder comes from the fact that this site is funded by "donations" from users like you!

so the software we make here is "donationware" - it is free but we ask for donations from people who can afford them.  we are also trying to build a community where people can donate a little to others to thank them for their work.

We added this DonationCredits system that will let you give some credits to users that help you, as little as 10 cents.
When you donated to the site, half of your donation went back into your account.  You can now give some of these credits to another user. 

So for example, you might decide now to send Joto a few of your credits as a way of saying thank you to him for helping you.  Give it a try, you'll find it can be quite enjoyable!

Dear PitrPaulus,

i am glad that it works soon for you.

And as mouser are always welcome with your questions here.

But always remember. The donations and/or donationcredits you send are always at your own choice. We dont help here expecting money. If it feels right for you, do it. If don't, its okay too.

Its more important, at least for me, that you feel you comfortable here in our "family" and you'll take an active part in the forum (writing posts and replys) and in our podcast (recording a short segment about sth. you like to report to others) or write some little reviews about programs you like/dont like and you have tested or whatsoever.

In other words, it is also very acceptable if you "pay back" sth. in this form. And be sure...there will be an issue were YOU are the expert and can help others.

You won't believe how some hints or also warnings/donts, that i've read here from others, come helpful to me. How many hours of fun i have had from website findings the DCs made and posted here, with games and/or free utilities.

You can't calculate this advantages i got from here in money.


Pitr Paulus speaking: ;D
Waauw! That sounds really good, JoTo and Mouser (nice name ;)). Thanks for al explanations and so on. It's good to be with 'this family'.! I really mean it.
I'm just a beginner in the computer -'business'. Mostly I use Print Shop Deluxe 20 from Broderbund to make all kinds of  greeting-cards, invitations, banners, little posters, personal cards etc. Together with ACDSee 8.0 and (a little bit) Photoshop it can bring me hours of pleasure (sometimes till 1 am. in the morning... :huh:!!
I also use IncrediMail: I like it making e-mails a bit more funny en more pretty to see and to read.
Over the last years I've collected thousands of GIF-animations so for every occasion I can get/give/sent the right animation/emoticon.

I shall think about the donation-credits! Nice system. Wait ... and see.

Both the programsI have from Donation Coder I like very Much:
Screen Shot Captor is perfect! For example: I made a small handout with those screenshot-machine for my wife for using some computer programs. ( Shortly I download 'RoboForm' (this program can fill in all internet-forms
with userID and password - Handy) and to make clear how that works for her I make that hand-out!

Also the Where-is-my-mouse tool is really perfect. With tape on my computer I wrote down: CTRL-M (also for my wife to remember. Just when I 'work' with my laptop in the garden and the sunlight is very clear, is sometimes very hard to locate the mouse! So this tool is perfect!!

Well, next week I shall exame the website from Donation Coder, just to see what's where and how it all works. If I have questions about it will let you know.

B.t.w. Maybe it is better that I stop with REPLYING over here and .... Start a new item? Or how does that works.

All the best and C.U.  :)     Pitr Paulus (himself).

 :-\ Help! I just used the Screenshot Captor and maybe it is a strange question but on my desktop is a STRANGE icon of Screenshot Captor. I've been looking for the standard one (the blue screen) and in the previous version it was still there.
Now that I downloaded the latest version ... it 's gone.
See my attached screenshot..... with SCREENSHOT CAPTOR.
Can you help me pls?
( I have been looking in the Program Files but I cannot find this one). :(

Hi PitrPaulus,

It seems that the connection between the icon and SC is broken. Maybe you installed SC at another location as before and the old icon is pointing to the old location.

Question: Does SC start up when you doubleclick the "wrong" icon? If not, my a.m. suggestion seems right.

If so, then RIGHT click the wrong icon with the mouse and select "Properties" in the context menue. Go to "Shortcut" tab and look in the field "Target". Compare this with the location where you installed SC. If it doesn't match, klick the button "Find Target" and browse for the SC executable "ScreenshotCapture.exe" (maybe the .exe is missing at your pc if you have enabled the windows option to hide known extensions) at the location where you installed it. Select OK on all open dialogs and wait 1-2 seconds. If you've done all right, the icon should change to the normal one.

Hope this will bring back your "right" icon! If my suggestion is wrong and the target path in the shortcut match the installation location, then we have to search further. I need more information then.



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