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DONE: Finding Mousepointer Utility

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Dear Robert,

i know the XP-Feature and i tried it. But as the Logitech-Software, that have a similar feature as well, it is too less intrusive for my bad sighting. I need a THICK BOOM SLAP IN THE FACE thing that stays at the same place for the long time i need to recognize it. I have to search for it at the screen, and this takes a while. So a moving, one-shot circle is not enought for me.

Skrommels MarkMouse give me the opportunity to select the size and thickness as well as color and a changing, stay in place but intrusive crosshair-circle.

Maybe the XP-Feature can help better sighting people, but for me it isn't helpful at all.

You haven't posted the URL for Lecture-Pen. So i can't try it and say my opinion for this. You alse haven't mentioned if it is free like Skrommels MarkMouse.

But thanks for the hints anyway. Maybe others will like XPs Feature more or find LecturePen and find it more useful. Even i will try to find LecturePen and try it out. I'm always interested in new programs.


Hello, Here PitrPaulus from the Netherlands. I downloaded that Mousepointer program and it works great!
BUT.... everytime when I reboot the computer I have to find the program in My Firefox Downloads > start it and then it works.
How can I make it start up right from the start of the computer?
Greetings from PP.

Hi PitrPaulus, welcome to the forum!

.... everytime when I reboot the computer I have to find the program in My Firefox Downloads > start it and then it works.
How can I make it start up right from the start of the computer?
-PitrPaulus (July 19, 2006, 05:21 AM)
--- End quote ---

Move the File with the Windows-Explorer from your MyFirefoxDownlads directory to somewhere else where it better fits for a program that you want to keep and use. E.g. make a new folder in C:\program files with the name MouseMark and move the file there in.

Then grab the program in the explorerwindow with the RIGHT! Mousebutton and DONT release the button. Hold the button! Then move your mouse over the start button from windows in the lower left corner of your screen, wait until the start menu pops up, move the mouse (still hold the right button!) to "programs" and wait again until it pops up, then move the mouse over "autostart" and wait until it pops up (have you still pressed down the right button? - This is important! :-) ), then move the mouse IN the popped up autostart group. Finally release the right button NOW! In the now popping up context menu select the entry "create a shortcut here". Then rename the new created shortcut (right klick on the entry name and select "rename" in the context menu) to MouseMark.

Youre set! The next time you boot up, MouseMark will start automagically. :-) By the way...every program you put a shortcut for in the autostart folder will start automatic when windows starts.


good instructions joto.

i thought this might be a good time to ask members if they can recomend a tool to  help you add items to windows startup list:

 :Thmbsup: Hello, Here Pitr Paulus Again in the 'air'!
Thanks for the 1/very quick answer to my question and 2/very clear and workable answer! I exactly did what you said (holding that mousebutton pressed down!!!!) all the time :) and now The MouseTool starts up perfect!
And: I shall remember this for other start-uppers!
Thanks a lot and bye bye from PitrPaulus from Holland.

b.t.w. If I have questions about some (different) problems I sometimes have with my computer is it possible that I can post them here or is this forum only for its own programs (Donation Coder) related?

b.t.w 2: Where does that name 'Donation Coder' comes from?

All the best! PitrPaulus


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