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Taking ownership of files ... confused, irritated & discombobulated

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Due to certain external power problems - suffice it to say that I cannot use language here to adequately describe the situation  >:( - I'm in the throes [up] of moving data  :(.  I have a couple of Fantom Green Drive USB drives, one (1) TB and two (2) TB.  The two (2) TB disk, according to Hard Disk Sentinel has over 200 bad sectors - 271 at last count, but the count is climbing  :o.  So I'm attempting to move data from the two (2) TB drive to the one (1) TB drive, which has a clean bill of health.  (Yes, there is enough room  ;).)  I'm down to two (2) directories, one of which has a number of .flv files I'd like to be able to keep.

I cannot move them.  Regardless what I try, I'm continually told that I don't have permissions to do so.  I cannot even copy 'em  :tellme:.  I've tried the standard methods - Win7 Ultimate, 64-bit - as well as a few I found on DC, but I simply cannot gain authority to move those files.  Searches on the problem have yielded nothing of benefit.

So I'm turning to my ultimate resolution source, the members of Donation Coder.  Halp!.

Have you tried CMD.exe?

copy C:\foldername\*.* d:\foldername\*.*

Failing that, what about uploading said files to a temp FTP account, then re-downloading them all (Its a chore I know, but certainly an option)

Also, you could try in Safe Mode, or using the default windows Admin account?

Command line doesn't work  :(.  Basically, nothing is able to read the files, although I can see 'em in Explorer or MultiCommander :tellme:.

None of the software I have, e.g., RoboCopy, TeraCopy [shudder],WinMerge , and the like, can do anything.  Whenever I attempt to assume ownership - again  :) - I'm refused.  Sometimes the message I get is that I have to get permission from -
wait for it  :o
 - me  :-\!

I think I've tried safe mode, but I'll try again, just in case I missed something there.

The basic problem seems to be that nothing I have can read the files, but only in those two (2) directories.  They have not been previously transferred, so that software is seeing ghost images.

Stick the drive into a different machine?

I really don't think that this utility will do the job but it just might be worth a shot. Haven't used it myself, saw a reference to it recently when I was having a bit of trouble myself.

Could you back up the files from one drive but restore them to the other?

use a rescue disk - pretty much any of them should allow you to access and move files


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