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research system where emails w/ inline pics are the base

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Steven Avery:

I tried Google Groups. The mail goes to the receiver fine, identical to Yahoogroups.  Then the big issue is the archiving. Where it is better than Yahoogroups, but it converts the embedded .jpg to an attachment .jpg.  So the result is very different, especially if you have 3 or 4 pics in an email.  (You do not end up with one readable letter in the same format as people who receive the email). I will consider whether it might make sense anyway.

Hmm.. the pic does show up properly within a gmail account.  If the gmail account allows direct links to an email that would do the job.  This could apply to any web-based email that receives properly. However, I have never heard of that feature.


Evernote: I know that Evernote makes it easy to mail an email to your note, a very nice feature.  However the setting tags is not as versatile as an email forum, where you can simply bookmark a url into Linkman and have tags integrated with your web url info on the same topic. (I did not explain that earlier.) In Evernote any time you want to access the info you would have to go into the program environment and taggify. It is probably worth a trial to see the comfort level, overall it may be a fine way to approach the issue of research-organization, even if different from my initial idea.


Are there any email systems that give each email a disk file ?  (I would only use it for this research project, not multi-thousands of emails).  If so, the individual emails could be dragged-and-dropped into Linkman and that would work pretty good. This is a different idea, trying to do everything locally through email.   I could try this manually in Eudora, although it is a bit of a kludge.  Receive the emails into singular folders.  However none of this will work unless the email program knows how to take parameters, from a path, in a special way that directly brings up that folder.  That is asking a lot.  It might be an interesting project for a Bat! type.

Note: then I tried Gmail -- above.  That is more hopeful for this, since it already is url based, if they would just have a "one-email one-url" feature. 


And I could pose the question to the various WebArchive programs. Can they receive information and go from INPUT email ---> OUTPUT disk file. (Probably not, since they want to work in their native format, not thrashing hundreds of disk files.)


In Evernote Any time you want to access the info you would have to go into the program environment and taggify.
-Steven Avery (October 04, 2011, 12:43 PM)
--- End quote ---

I don't understand this line.  What do you mean by "taggify"?

Steven Avery:

When you enter the Evernote environment, you would navigate to the issues you want from tags, rather than by clicking a bookmark url (that you get to from tags in Linkman).

I see you can create the tags in the subject line, which is sufficient for that end.

Yes, it is an interesting idea in its own right, a lot better than many alternatives, so I will try it. However, not exactly what I am most hoping to accomplish (one email --> one url).

I have about 1000 of these emails on a topic, right now I access them in Eudora search, which is fairly capable, up to a point.  My goal is to improve it and allow access to a 3rd-party collaborator by direct url, short of a server or TeamViewer type of thing.


I just found this note:

"I have gmail. Each email opened has a unique website address so you can return to the email using a link. "

So there is such a feature, apparently.
Research in process.


Ok. That works.
That might be as good as I can get, it is as it is, what I need.

Set up a special Gmail account (account pw ok for collaborators). Mail to the special forum (probably Google groups rather than Yahoogroups but that is not a big factor).  Let the mail go the gmail account, and it can also forward back to my own inbox, or go directly from the forum.

Go online into gmail, with Linkman open, run down the emails and assign the keywords (often the subject line) in Linkman. For automation in setup consider a macro but not a big issue.

You also end up with a google search that is probably comparable to Eudora search. Place all the emails sent (or received, gmail forwards nicely) from/to the forum in their own Eudora email box for redundancy and for whichever searches better for a specific need.  (Eudora might be better for composing anew, that is improving and replacing.)

I know a lot of this might seem odd, however I do think this will help me a lot. Especially since I want to make the urls available to a research collaborator or two.


Each evernote note has its own unique url in addition to the tag url.  I'm still not sure if thats the missing piece you were looking for, but there you go.

Steven Avery:

Ok, so Evernote I should try, if each email becomes a note ?

Then, I have one that should work, Gmail, and one to try, Evernote.

Problem reasonably solved. I'll next report back on the Evernote try.

 btw, the Yahoogroups users have been on YG to have better archiving on this aspect, without success, making an official request thread.  Not sure if Googlegroups have had discussions about replacing the attachment archiving with embedded archving when receiving such an email.



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