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New Portable Search Indexer (single .exe)


Paul Keith:

Source site:

Not sure this really needs a description or a pic. I think it may even be better if you just download it immediately.

Unlike Portable Start Menus, you just extract the program to your usb directory and it creates a portable index from there.

I do hope it starts up quicker the second run than the first - as I am still waiting (but gave it a huge folder to index - want to see if it can replace Locate32 for me).

Will comment once (if) it finishes!

Paul Keith:
I doubt it. At least it seems to hang up when I attempted letting it run on an external HD. Dropbox though no problem.

Very slow startup if you give it a large folder to index.
Locate32 can be run portably too - will stick with it (at least there I can schedule the indexing)


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