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GridMove tip: try combining with MaxMax


A useful tool complementing GridMove is MaxMax by KM Tools, which lets the user leave a margin at any edge of each monitor when maximizing windows. This allows GridMove-tiled windows beneath to be accessed by moving the mouse pointer to the edge of the screen and clicking.

This paradigm suits the idea of windows which don't completely reach the edge of the screen, as in this glee60 grid quite well.

To work around the bug which sometimes limits the minimum margin on multiple monitors with different resolutions (and set values more quickly than clicking the up/down spinner arrows multiple times), use regedit to edit the keys directly at
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Marcin Nowok\MaxMax
Caveat emptor  ;)

[I've split the post to a new topic since it looks more like a tip and was a bit offtopic]

I love to see people using GridMove in new ways! So that means you maximize windows in the middle of the screen with MaxMax and then use GridMove to arrange the other windows?

Also, MaxMax looks very similar to mouser's desktop coral, nice!


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