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DiviFile from Qnomad - Mini-review

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2014-08-07: Minor update edits/corrections to the review.

Following the 2014-08-07: Minor update edits/corrections to the review, which included:

* (a) An email from @Qnomad indicating that he has been focussed on a new project (not DiviFile).
* (b) No subsequent updates to DiviFile.
* (c) This is probably not really a finished product (though it seems to work OK AS-IS). - I have heard nothing from Qnomad since, and so have removed DiviFile from my browsers.
Sadly, I still reckon this working concept had tremendous potential.

The last entry on Qnomad's blog was dated January 31, 2013  -
The Qnomad website  - - looks unchanged since its post re DiviFile version 1.0.7.
I would presume DiviFile is abandonware.
I hope his "new" project works out OK.


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