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Help me ZIMBRA!



Long time no see, but hey I know I can get some help here.

Basically I would like to try Zimbra as an Exchange alternative for individual use. I do not think I will be running it as email server, rather I am interested in other exchange features(calendar, contacts etc). And this is an area where I have zero experience. So I am looking for a donationcoderer that can put a vanilla Zimbra(FOSS version) on  a virtual machine(Virtualbox linux  is fine, debian maybe) that can handle requests from the Lan. Not sure if it is possible or not. And I would like to send some donationcoder credits for such lovely task.

Btw this is for home use, no business stuff. I just want to be able to access this from outside via ip or dns services. I wont run email server on it since I am just on a residential plan, and I bet my isp will block and smtp stuff.


Not sure how much you are into software installation and configuration, but would the single server installation manual be a starting point to get it going? It would give you the benefit of knowing what it's doing, and why, so you're not dependent of some external 'source' for maintenance and support, with probably limited availability.
If you're talking about running a VBox virtual, you already seem to know what you are talking about 8)

(And I'm showing my ignorance/lack of knowledge about you  :-\)


I have tried their virtual appliance and some other appliances for Zimbra and I could not get to anywhere, none of them worked for me. I was just looking for a simpler solution. Installing server stuff always takes more than the documents anticipates due to various settings and I am not willing to waste couple more days on it, since this is not my profession at all.

Ok, that's clear enough.

Afraid I don't have enough spare time to set it up, so I hope someone else can pick this one up for you.


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