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notetaker that uses the filesystem and has powerful search?

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Thanks johnk, I like resophnotes. For this I think I'd prefer rich text, and the search is not that great.

My solution for now is to use gdocs, sync them locally with syncdocs, and edit the files locally with a light rtf editor such as atlantis/softmaker. That way, when we want collaboration, we have it in gdocs. And the changes someone makes say in gdocs are highlighted as 'track changes' locally on my HD. Pretty spectacular.

Now I only need a good local indexer. and a quick way to create files in that shared folder location with a global shortcut, and I'm set.

Btw, if anyone wants to sign up for syncdocs, give me a shout. We both get extra upload capability.

I'm still looking for a good search tool that would let me search the text inside the .doc files that syncdoc produces. I now prefer doc to rtf. Even though both are binary abominations, proprietary, etc, they are so widespread that I doubt I'll have problems opening them in the future.

Now my main notetaker is gdocs. Smooth scroll, great search (all matches), great collaboration, no install, superb track changes. Using syncdoc to save the docs locally is great. When someone edits the gdoc online, and I open it locally, I see the changes as 'track changes'. One reason to move from rtf to doc.


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