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OpenFreely warning

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Looks like a nice program, no ads or changing homepage or added toolbars.

But after installing it takes over as file associations for zip, music and video,
without asking. Maybe more, I did not check.
Now I may have missed a click during install, but I'm usually very careful about that.
And always use custom install when available to see my choices.

I know we don't have a complaint section, but a popular site has this posted.
So I thought it best to warn ya, noticed it when I looked at my zip files.
OpenFreely's icon was on them all, I didn't unzip to see how well it does with zip files.
I just uninstalled it. And had to do a system restore.

And it does install it's own mpc, included in an outdated version of klite.
Noticed it being installed while watching the list fly by during installation.

I think it would be a good program if it did not take over everything like it did.

Curt: was founded in 2011 and is owned-and-operated by Download Freely, LLC. We are located in New York, New York and strive to deliver a high quality product which will help users open, view, edit, and print various file types on their Windows computer. Our users range from organizations to government agencies, Fortune 500 companies and even your "mom and pop" store down the street. Our software has been downloaded by millions of happy users-OpenFreely
--- End quote ---

what an incredible success in less than 8 months.... actually it may have happened in just 3 weeks!!! - their terms are from 12. August 2011...

But hey, the program may be just fine ;-)

Just check this out:


Free File Opener 2011

Free File Viewer 2011

Ultimate File Viewer

The same software under different theme and using different names. After doing some research I found that the company behind all this poorly coded stuff is Bitberry Software ApS owner of Trusted Software a website that rips-off Open Source software like GIMP, VideoLan than bundle it with InstallIQ.
--- End quote ---

(source Neowin)

Thanks for researching this further.
I think some sites post things without fully investigating them first.
Of course the blame is on me, for what I install without looking into it further.
I suspected trouble when I saw klite and mpc and codecs being installed during the install.
Good thing I uninstalled it right after the install I think.
Down the road it could screw up a lot of stuff.
I'm still not sure if all my associations are back to where I had them.
Cause I don't know what it did fully.
As I open stuff I'll find out. Easy enough to reset then.

I used Revo Pro to remove it, and there was a lot in the registry.
Then searched for files, but haven't found any other leftovers.

Whoopse!  I just d/l it today.  Wished I would have looked here to see if there was anything on this before installing it.  Oh well, time to break out Revo and hope for the best.   ;)


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