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NANY 2012 Release: Ethervane Echo

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New version released November 27:

See the top post in this thread for download links.

What's new in this release:

CHANGED: To make Echo easier to use and more intuitive, three search modes (Basic, Wildcards, Advanced) have been reduced to two: Basic and Advanced. Wildcards are now supported in both modes (previously they worked only in the dedicated Wildcards mode). In short, there are now two search modes instead of three, and you can use wildcards everywhere. Please see Searching for clips and Using wildcards in the Help file for details, or see this post.

FIXED: The "Reset on restart" option in Search group was resetting ALL the search settings, including min text length, the "Wait for Enter key" toggle, etc. As a result, these settings were not preserved across sessions if "Reset on restart" was enabled. This has been fixed, and the option has been renamed to "Reset mode on restart" to clarify.

FIXED: The option to start Echo minimized works now (thanks, highend01!)
FIXED: The option to hide application icon to notification area (tray) did not always work, depending on the state of several other non-related settings.
FIXED: When a view's name was changed in the View Properties dialog box, the name was not updated on the view tab until Echo was restarted.
FIXED: Small internal inconsistencies is the Database Maintenance dialog box.

ADDED: Basic editing buttons added to the toolbar in the external clip editor.
ADDED: URL highlighting in the external clip editor.
ADDED: You can now use the "Delete" key to delete clips. (The previous shortcut Ctrl+Delete still works as well.)
ADDED: Several more Help topics completed, notably Selecting Clipboard Formats and Database Maintenance.

As before, install or unpack over the previous version. Make sure you see this post about the changes in the search interface.

As a long-time Ditto user I was a bit hesitating, but now I definitely switched to Echo. It's just great! You managed to add many features I was always missing from Ditto, like minimal clip length, etc. (And I don't miss storing bitmaps at all.)
-yksyks (November 20, 2011, 04:56 AM)
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Pressing the activation hotkey when Echo already has focus should (optionally) dismiss its window
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Added to the to-do list.

Assignable hotkeys to first 10 clips (I know it was discussed here already), I was always using Win key and a number
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This reminds me: hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts? Hotkeys would work no matter what application you are currently using (just like the Win+Insert activation hotkey). Keyboard shortcuts would only work within Echo.

Both are possible, though registering as many as 10 system-wide hotkeys is rather greedy - I think I'd rather just do shortcuts internal to Echo.


Thanks a lot! Both my ideas came obviously from Ditto. Regarding the hotkeys, I really mean hotkeys. Ditto uses optionally ten number keys for selecting the topmost clips instead of entering the search mode, which might be also useful. But I'm quite used to copying a couple of items in succession (e.g., account number, account holder, payment symbol), and then pasting them in succession using hotkeys (in my case pressing Win-1, Win-2, Win-3, eventually with Tab key in between for moving around in the form), so I don't have to display the Ditto window at all. I admit that I seldom use more than first three, as I don't remember the older ones. So, if that helps it might be enough to have hotkeys for the first three clips only.

Besides, I noticed in the previous version that sometimes the application icons went somehow shifted. I'll be watching this and eventually report.

Thanks again and good luck!

Some more ideas for Echo (sorry if they are already included - didn't used it much yet):

-  backup database feature to a folder of user's choosing and/or make backup automatically after exiting the Echo
-  add time and date to a clip or at least make an option that Echo separates clips, stored on particular date like:

Nov. 23th


-  add option to make all clips that are harvested sticky automatically
-  blinking icon in Tray every time a clip is stored (if Connect to Clipboard is not checked or there is some error you are notified by icon blinking in red color, otherwise in green color)
-  clip counter for particular session for each View (Sticky, All Clips, etc.)

Thanks for the new version tranglos. May I add a suggestion (this may exist but I haven't found it) :

* a hot key to connect/disconnect to clipboard


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