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NANY 2012 Release: Ethervane Echo

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I just tried this, and I think you've done a great job. But, because I can never keep my mouth shut, I'd like to offer a couple of comments.-CWuestefeld (November 17, 2011, 02:16 PM)
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Always welcome! :)

First, the default filter for the URLs view really ought to have a second pattern added so that it also matches on secure sites. So there should be two filters: "http://" and "https://".
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Sure, I can add that.

Second, I wish there was an option for a single keystroke to paste as text. I see that I can bring up the window, and then Shift-Enter to paste text only. But it would save me a fraction of a second ;) if I had a direct hotkey for "paste as text" so I don't need to open the window first.
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In any app I can (Word, mostly) I always assign a key to a macro that pastes as plain text, so I totally see how this could be useful. I think I can add this, but there's one little hitch: the shortcut will not paste the current clipboard contents, but the latest clip captured by Echo. The two are usually the same, but not always. You can copy to clipboard things that Echo does not capture: graphics, obviously, but also pieces of text that may be filtered out by Echo (too short, too long, source application is filtered out, etc). When that happens, clipboard content is not the same as Echo's latest clip.

In these cases pressing the special keypress would do something unexpected: it would paste (as text) the clip that was last captured in Echo - not the clip that was on the clipboard. And whatever was on the clipboard, uncaptured, will be gone. This *might* be a cause of much support email: "the wrong clip is pasted and my data disappeared! What happened?"

But, the advantages probably outweigh the potential problems, so I've added it to the todo list.

This is just to say thank you. This is so elegant indeed; such a handsome UI and a perfectly flowing experience. Instant favorite, using it everywhere.-paulobrabo (November 17, 2011, 10:20 AM)
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Thanks, Paulo. Love to hear it!

Let me check this. Do you use the (default) option to automatically minimize Echo when it loses focus? (This option is at Preferences -> Display -> MinimizeOnDecativate). If you do, Echo should minimize on startup regardless of StartMinimized, due to the fact that when Windows starts applications, Echo is very likely to lose focus soon after Windows has launched it.
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Yes, MinimizeOnDeactivate is set to true. I'd prefer if the StartMinimized option works as expected and hides the Echo window on startup :) I start a lot of applications via FARR and usually don't look at the monitor while doing this (10 finger typing) and somehow Echo get's "in the way" if the first key after it's start isn't the Escape key.

Yes, that is a separate setting: Preferences -> Capturing Clips -> CatchUpOnConnect.
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Ah, sorry, that's something I've missed. Turned it off and now it works fine :)

3.) Adding one additional modifier is a good idea and letting the user decide which modifiers does what is even better. Please include the Win-key if you're doing this.
But I still think it could be done with a "mode switch".
The swith could "obey" to this logic: if the first character that is pressed is a digit (while the Echo window is open) it doesn't go into the searchbox but selects the #<number> entry in the list. If it's a different character it goes directly into the searchbox. Btw, it's probably better to just select the entry instead of directly pasting it because you can use e.g. shift + enter to use the paste as plain text option once it's selected. Typing the same digit a second time (or any other character) would activate the search box as usual. I personally don't search for values inside the clipboard very often so I would activate the switch permanently. This would probably the best or at least the fastest way to select entries in the list if you don't want to use the mouse.


I can confirm minimization issue on win7x64. ethervane portable


As a long-time Ditto user I was a bit hesitating, but now I definitely switched to Echo. It's just great! You managed to add many features I was always missing from Ditto, like minimal clip length, etc. (And I don't miss storing bitmaps at all.)

However, it wouldn't be me not to point out two issues I'm missing in Echo and that are convenient in Ditto:

* Pressing the activation hotkey when Echo already has focus should (optionally) dismiss its window

* Assignable hotkeys to first 10 clips (I know it was discussed here already), I was always using Win key and a number
Thanks a lot!


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