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Donation gamer: Games to give

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Seeing there's already a thread about giving away games, I may as well hijack this one  :P

Does anybody want a copy of Frozen Sypnase?

It's a turn-based strategy game where the turns happen at the same time. Makes it quite a bit harder as you have to predict what your enemy does for each turn.

EDIT: Game given away already! Thanks. :)

Happy to see the thread hijacked, Xenonym :)

Reminding of some leftovers on Gamersgate:

Infans Solaris - asteroids with co-op mode
Guilty Gear Isuka - a fighting game
RIP - old school shooter
RIP strike back - old school shooter

Also if anyone is in (or can be in) Yorkshire and wants physical copies of games - or knows of someone who would play older games on older systems, or a charity which would take some. I have a boxful of games, some (second copies, yes, i never learn that I cant get R to try much) or two that I can happily give away.

I might have a spare copy of Renegade Wars when it comes out - another action-ey game with coop mode.

I recently bought the IndieGala 2 but I already own quite a few of the games. So I am giving away the spare keys.

* inMomentum
* Zombie Shooter 1
* Zombie Shooter 2
* Hacker Evolution: Untold
* Hacker Evolution: Duality
* Your Doodles are Bugged!
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this. But all these games are on steam. So you'll need that to play them

if you still have it, i'd like the "Your Doodles are Bugged!" game.. 8)

Carol Haynes:
I wouldn't mind a stab at inMomentum if it is still going


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