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Text Expander for Medical Transcription and general purpose

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A sort of flow control will be in the next PhraseExpress version.


Instaphrase will be based on our core technology but presented in a new user interface which we had in mind for a long time already. Instaphrase will be for those who like many buttons, ribbons and a colorful user interface.

But you are right, that Ribbons are a love&hate issue. This is why we don't build them into PhraseExpress. Many users tell us not to change the user interface for good reasons.

PhraseExpress aims to have the tidiest and cleanest user interface possible (if in Easy mode  :Thmbsup:) to get the work done. We carefully balance the need of every button and every option before it makes it into the user interface.

So we see little overlap in the userbase.

^ Thanks...  after I wrote my query, I began to wonder if you were tailoring InstaPhrase to people who use software, but don't necessarily love software.  Even if the core engine is the same, that seems very sensible.

We are currently preparing a new Text Expander software with a MS Office like Ribbon user interface:-BartelsMedia (August 27, 2011, 05:13 AM)
--- End quote ---
Ribbons are fine when you've got a gazillion different menu items, especially mode and/or context sensitive ones.

From your screenshot, it looks like you're doing ribbon exclusively for "so ein ding müssen wir auch haben" reasons - a shame, since it's so damn unserious, and one of the reasons a lot of people hate at ribbons in general.


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