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Text Expander for Medical Transcription and general purpose

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We are currently preparing a new Text Expander software with a MS Office like Ribbon user interface:

We welcome you to participate in the upcoming beta test program:

Update 12/22/2011: We have changed the name to WordExpander. It is available at

Jock Posen:
As a GP using British nomenclature, I'm keen to participate as a beta tester, but I'm unable to follow the link Regards, Jock Posen

Link is working for me -- maybe just temporarily unreachable from your network?

I can also visit that site without trouble, but I tried downloading and it gives an error that the page isn't there.

Must be a site error :(

BartelsMedia, how does this fit into the PhraseExpress family?  It looks like a lot of power for a freeware.  Are you planning to introduce charges when it's out of beta?

As you know, the Ribbon is a love/hate affair.  Is there an option to turn it off and revert to normal Windows behaviour for those who prefer it?

In another thread, tranglos says - I think, haven't gone back to check - that he hasn't found a text expander that has a "macro language" powerful enough to have flow control.  Maybe that's more suited to a dedicated macro progam anyway, but does anything like that appear in any of your programs?


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