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Share your mouse and keyboard with multiple Mac or Windows computers

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Yes, it is a shame that the iPad is sealed to that extend. Would be nice if Apple would offer a switch to let users the choice.

We can't overcome the restrictions without such switch.

At first sight, ShareMouse seems to replicate the remote control feature of MaxiVista.

The core difference is, that in MaxiVista, the remote control mode is internally tied to virtual video drivers of the extended screen feature.

This difference leads to some significant benefits of ShareMouse, justifying a separate product.

* MaxiVista is Windows-only. ShareMouse supports Windows and Mac OSX.
-BartelsMedia (September 23, 2011, 02:29 AM)
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Ah!  I didn't see that the KM works only with windows on MaxiVista, since I don't use it that way.  I use it purely for screen extension.


And nudone, you might still look into MaxiVista- it costs a bit including the ipad app, but its well worth it (and you can get more use out of your ipad :)).  Just make sure that you optimize your connection to the ipad when you first use it by the instructions.

And I figured the answer would be something like that; it's a shame.  I use my iPad to control my PC sometimes; it would be great to be able to hook up a mouse to it in any form.

I really need the remote connection to the iPad rather than just the extension of main (PC) desktop onto iPad.

It's simply so I can control Safari on the iPad via VNC from the main PC. That way I don't have to keep taking my hands away from the mouse and keyboard to type URLs into iPad Safari - and hit the refresh,back buttons, etc. Instead, I'll be able to do it all from the main (PC) desktop as I'm testing the browsers on there.

(I'm using an iPad for testing rather than buying into Apple's developer tools as I don't have a Mac and don't wish to waste money on one. Well, I've a very old Mac but I'm still not paying Apple for the developer tools.)

I cannot get Mouse Without Border to copy/paste between XP machines & Win 7.

ShareMouse does not have this problem.

However, using the mouse to copy/paste does not work, but, CTRL-C/CTRL-V does!

Is there any way to disable the dimming feature?


Please post technical issues at the ShareMouse support forums.

> Is there any way to disable the dimming feature?

I gladly confirm that you can disable the dimming feature. There is a setting for this in the settings area. It is labelled "Dim inactive monitors" for your convenience. If you set it to none, then it is disabled. You can also choose any dimming from none to 80%.


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