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What Happened to Genie Backup Manager?

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But anything that backs up files in a format that isn't usable without the utility that created them is no longer welcome in my toolkit.
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too right!

To stay on topic... Genie Timeline does backup in either a compressed or uncompressed format, and the files are just that, normal, browsable and accessible.

The way I set it up it just creates a root folder on the backup drive, and within there it has a)an index db of all the files and b)a mirror tree of the files chosen. I can access and find specific files via the software but I can also just browse the drive

Steven Avery:
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backup software - file-by-file sets

I'm still using GBM 6 (from 2005, IIRC) - There are some known quirks (it won't always overwrite existing files, even if you set it to do so) but once you're familiar with its behavior, it's pretty dependable. The .gbp files are plain zip files, btw.

One thing I really need in a backup app is the ability to backup selective registry keys along with files, which Genie does well.

I didn't bother with future versions because they got rid of a less known (but useful) feature for no apparent reason...hate when that happens.  :mad:

I just received a promo email from Genie9 and it seems they at least still sell Genie Backup Manager
They are quite clear that it is not a product they are developing going forward, whereas Timeline is

Link to the 50% promo (very similar to the one they had early in the summer)

If you do want a classic backup utility (with some nice modern touches) try Cobain Backup. Cobain is the only backup tool I never experienced a problem with.
-40hz (August 26, 2011, 06:46 AM)
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It's Cobian.

Then they just stopped replying, in the forum and to support inquiries.
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In March they responded quickly to my inquiries. Unfortunately GBM is incompatible with my Seagate Dockstar but at least I got responses.


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