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PC Shut down

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Hi guys,

Ok, so this is what I have searched for and have landed here. I need a tiny little program that can automatically shutdown my PC if the following 2 conditions are met simultaneously:

1. No user has logged in &
2. After after a certain amount of time / inactivity. When the user has specified an idle time duration (during program setup).

Often, many of my office systems have no one logged in the whole night. I really feel that this is a must have program and would save a lot of power. I think this would have to be coded as a service. Request any of the coders here to help me with this.


Would the default Windows Power Options not do what you require for the most part?

No, I just checked the power options in Win 7 and it does not provide this.  ;)

OK, was just checking to see if it could save you some headaches :P - Although, Win7 will put your pc to sleep after X minutes, and there are several readily available peices of software that will send (via commandline) the shutdown request to all machines.

Also if your the network admin, you can also simply commandline this yourself at the end of the day (maybe write a batch file for ease) which will simply shut down every workstation on the network of your choice :)

does sound like it would be a good coding snack.


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