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SoftMaker Office 2012 BETA testing

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Dear SoftMaker customer:

SoftMaker Office 2012 for Windows just entered public beta testing, and
we invite you to download and try out this new version of our office

Some of the major improvements are:

1. All applications read and write DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX files seamlessly.
2. Integrated eM Client manages your e-mails, contacts, calendars, and tasks.
3. Built-in Berlitz dictionaries for easy translation

Find out more:

--- End quote ---

Softmaker Office 2012 will be offered in two versions, Standard and Professional, as Softmaker is going to launch an email client. I don't know how this can be named version 3, I never heard of 1 or 2. And I don't know what other differences there may be, because I don't do betas any more, if I am not sure I can afford to also purchase a license ;-).

@Curt - Since I've recently begun making a concerted effort to walk away from as much of Microsoft as I possibly can, I'm gonna give it a shot. Thx for the heads up!

Recently, the 2010 version was offered by Ashampoo (minus the macro language) for $4.99, so I'll wait until it reaches a reasonable price.

^FYI - the very capable 2008 edition is still available for free with no restrictions on either personal or business use. If you're in the market for a very nice spreadsheet and wordprocessor - and don't need the new features in the latest edition (and many won't) there's no need to wait at all.  8)


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