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Realtime backups

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I'm going to start with the top two recommendations over on TechSupportAlert and, if they don't do what I want/need, I'll try AJC: looks good, and not too expensive. (SFFS IS too expensive, on the other hand, and will be kept in reserve for the point that I decide that nothing else will do. :) Thanks to everyone!

I use FBackup 4 (freeware) instead of the crappy WDSmart software that came with my WD 1 Tb MyBook Essential.  FBackup 4 works fine.  I've used it to mirror my notebook's drive to the MyBook.

Would you believe that WDSmart would not let me backup MyDocuments and its subfolders!?

FBackup 4 works fine.  I've used it to mirror my notebook's drive to the MyBook.
-kyrathaba (August 04, 2011, 05:12 PM)
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That was on my list of things to try -- but my first experiment is underway. PureSync. Free, has the sync on shutdown option that 40Hz recommended, installed with no glitches, seems easy to configure... looks good so far.

Okay, Puresync is gone. I didn't like the way it managed the file lists (very nonstandard) and even after the initial backup was done, the comparison process to work out if anything needed doing subsequently took a very long time.

I'm now trying Create Synchronicity and I'll let you know...

Well, Create Synchronicity is okay, but it is far more of a synch tool than a backup tool -- despite what it says at its home. I'm still using it but it throws errors when trying to backup certain things (automatic logfiles belonging to SYSTEM, I think) and trying to exclude those things is far more hassle than it should be. I'm not going to uninstall it just yet but I'm going to give AJC a try...


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