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Flash TD Game of the Month: Kingdom Rush

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It's a been a long time since I featured as Tower Defense Game in this spot -- but not for lack of looking.

By way of the excellent JayIsGames site, Dora brings us news of a terrific new flash tower defense game called Kingdom Rush.  Dora has a great review it so i'll just send you over to her review.

Analysis: Kingdom Rush is an absolute gem of a defense game, and probably one of the best examples of the genre to date. Not only does it look and sound fantastic, but the gameplay confidently strides that invisible line between being too complicated and just strategic enough for players to really sink their teeth into.

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That's a cool one, very fun to play  :Thmbsup:

Be very careful of this game.. it gets seriously addictive and difficult.. with a constant supply of new things that make it impossible to stop playing.

Just finished the game (on easy):

Every aspiring TD game maker should study this TD -- one of the best i've played.  Best part was there was always some new tower or enemy to discover from start to end.

And I normally don't like TD games where you have to do manual clicking for some weapons, but this game had a great balance of that.

The only missing component was the ability to influence the path taken by enemies..

Overall a truly great TD game  :up:

That's good game. So I closed the window after an hour or so. :)


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