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Multi Open Folder in a Local Area Network


Multi Open folder.
I would like a program to open a folder in one of my pc :

Example :


and the rest of my pc in the local area network ?

By example



where pm-7fg7fjkl432a is the equipment name.

Best Regards

A sort of a rules folder launcher.
May be with possible selection of several rules pre-established

I usually have the same folders in my three pc, but not all folders.

As I mentioned in my other post, you can simply use a batch file or some AHK script:


--- Code: Autohotkey ---Run, %A_WinDir%\explorer.exe /e,c:\folder1\folder2Run, %A_WinDir%\explorer.exe /e,\\pm-7fg7fjkl432a\folder1\folder2; Add more here...
Batch file

--- Code: Text ---explorer.exe /e,c:\folder1\folder2explorer.exe /e,\\pm-7fg7fjkl432a\folder1\folder2; Add more here...

But skwire there are not always the same folder.
I need firs select the local folder or introduce manually. Save to a memory and then open the local and the rest of terminals.

and may be that a folder don't exist in one or several terminals. The most common case is parallel folders in each pc, but is not always in that way.


I'll try on my best.

Best Regards

This target is finished . I get a script from Miguel Mollejo splendid for that purpose made with the brother language AutoIt.
Usually I synchronize the folders with a sync program, but sometimes I need an inmediate solution (I have many disk and GB....). Then I use this script and give me splendid results.
Now I am in the public library, but if anyone answer this post I will post the program of my friend Miguel Mollejo Sánchez.

Open all identical path in the local area network and give messages if couldn't. And insist each certain times.

Best Regards.



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