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ClipMate developer has returned


Good news for users of the excellent clipboard manager ClipMate.  The developer, Chris Thornton, who normally responds to many messages every day on the forum, suddenly disappeared a month or so ago.  Having an active imagination of disaster, I feared the worst.  But today he reappeared on the forum, responding to a number of requests for help.  :Thmbsup:  No explanation about his long absence.

Well, that's a good thing I guess. But to be honest he has never been that much help IMO. Once in a while he seems to get into a helpful mood and doesn’t come across like a complete oaf, but on many occasions his responses to inquiries are short and not helpful. I've read too many where someone asks about a problem they're haing with ClipMate and he replies, "That's a Windows problem. Nothing to do with ClipMate." Maybe true but some explanation would seem to be in order.

IDK, I just haven't seen enough helpful replies from him in the few years I've been using ClipMate. The program fortunately doesn’t require much maintenance.


Shortly after I posted about Chris Thornton's offering no explanation for his rather long absence from the ClipMate forum, he did post a short explanation.  Apparently he also has a real life.  :)  I wouldn't have guessed, seeing how many messages he usually responded to each day on the forum.  BTW, in the same message, he also mentioned that he has made "significant progress" on a 64-bit ClipBar and hopes to roll it out this fall.

I agree, Jim, that Chris's responses can be rather short and prickly, but when I've sent a message about a problem or even just a question, he has usually answered it promptly and usefully.  


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