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How necessary is the UAC in Windows 7?

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Any malware that changes your hosts file will be able to do so without you getting prompted if you turn off UAC. This file can only be edited as an administrator, and when changed could make it look like you are on a certain website (say paypal) while in reality you are using some one elses.

You could combine the prompts if you run both from another UAC'ed process (not sure if you can elevate a batch file)

Thanks, justice.  I think WinPatrol PLUS is set to warn me about attempts to change my HOSTS file and some critical System files, so even without UAC, I've got some protection.  However, as I've reported in an earlier message, I finally did get the two programs to run as administrator and work together. 

Thanks for the suggestion about running both prompts together, but I don't really object to OK'ing each one separately.  What made me turn off UAC was the need to re-set the UAC and reboot each time I wanted to use Dreamweaver and ActiveWords together.  Now that that's no longer a problem, I've got UAC back on.

cyberdiva: DreamWeaver shouldn't need to run with admin privs, it should only be necessary to run ActiveWords with those elevated privileges. IMHO it makes a lot of sense that only elevated programs should be able to try and control the other applications running on the system...

Hey, thanks very much, f0dder, you're right!  After reading your message, I removed the "run as administrator" checkmark from Dreamweaver and then tried to see whether ActiveWords would still work with it.  It does.  I should add, however, that with or without the elevated status, Dreamweaver still gets challenged by UAC every time I start it. 

Stoic Joker:
I'm not that familiar with Dreamweaver (tried it once and didn't like it), but it may be trying to get write access to a key in HKLM (which tends to grab UAC's attention). It might be worth a shot to give yourself permission to the Dreamweaver registry keys (HKLM/Software/[author]/Dreamweaver/...)to get UAC to hush when it loads.


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