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Newsletter for July 18th, 2011 - "DonationCoder Plus"

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Fantastic newsletter, as always!

As a post-press news bulletin, hamradio has won July's high-scorer challenge for the Kyrathaba's Hangman contest, and received DonationCredits as a reward.  Everyone be sure to congratulation Carroll.

Hey guys,

it's already august. Any new infos on the ExpanDrive sale? Have I somehow missed it?


Staying away from social networks is something I wished I was smart enough to have done. With Google Plus, during a week of use, I'm sure I've done more damage to my reputation than I normally do in a good 6 months ;p. Also, Google Plus has this annoying tendency to spam the heck out of your contacts unless you are careful -- and sometimes even if you are careful it spams them anyway. It is designed to grow by spamming people into submission, lol.

Keeping staying away - maintain your reputation and dignity. Don't make my mistake. Also, they are a HUGE time waster -- here's looking at you FarmVillians! ;p


hi db! great to see you back.  :up:

Nice to be back ;). I've been distracted trying to survive in this harsh world. Can't say I've made any progress, though I think everyone in the world probably feels the same .. except that elite 1% who rise to the top by being ruthless and exploitative. Then society pats them on the back and says, "good job".

I will visit from time to time, got your feeds in Google Reader to keep up with things ;). I am mostly glad to see how well DonationCoder has done. Things are looking great here. You've built a wonderful community a quarter million members strong! That is an excellent accomplishment. You should be very proud!


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