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New BdJ upgrade deal


Thursday 14 July 2011:

Special Upgrade Deal for Bits Customers: After the included 12 months of free upgrades are up, BDJ customers can upgrade to future versions of PowerFolder Pro Gold at the discounted BDJ price!
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With PowerFolder Pro Gold, you'll be able to transfer an unlimited amount of data between up to five different computers over the Internet, a LAN, or VPN! When you're running PowerFolder Pro Gold, each one of your computers serves as a backup for all of the others! It's redundant backup to the max. Lose a file on one machine, go get a backup copy from another!

If you're worried about security, you'll be happy to hear that PowerFolder Pro Gold offers encrypted transfers, secure identity verification, and more! And if you're worried about your own tendency to forget mundane tasks like running backups, PowerFolder Pro Gold has you covered with the ability to automatically sync data, sync changed files, or perform scheduled backup and sync jobs!
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PowerFolder Pro Gold for Mac & PC - 50% off Today Only

On Thursday 14 Jul PST you can get PowerFolder Pro Gold at a huge discount!
PowerFolder Pro Gold
Deal Price: $45.00
You Save: 50%
List Price: $90.00
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Now having read a little more on the program's homepage, I am not all that certain that I want to recommend this product. Don't get me wrong; it is probably a really fine solution, but I am not so sure it is cheap. Isn't the >"BDJ customers can upgrade to future versions of PowerFolder Pro Gold at the discounted BDJ price!"< the same thing everybody else is offering: "Buy a key, and later you may upgrade at half the full price"? And what is this: >"computer license valid for 12 months."< ??


Product Description

    Private Peer-to-Peer Sync: Directly transfer unlimited data between up to 5 computers.
    Premium support: Email, live chat and remote desktop assistance.
    BONUS: Free 50 GB online cloud space for 12 months.
    Best value: Save over 40% compared to single purchases.
    Five computer license valid for 12 months.
    All major and minor software updates for 12 months.
    Worry free: 20 days money back guarantee.
    Works on Windows, Mac and Linux.
    Maximum security: Encrypted transfers and secure identity check.
    Maximum usability: Unlimited files and folders, web tunneled connections.
    And a lot more Features...

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Ah... I see... It's a client/server program. Looks like you're basically paying for the service on an annual basis.


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