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DONE: Check folder and tell me which PDFs are images (non-searchable)

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Thanks for the update!

I tried running it and after a couple of minutes I get the following error:
Error: Memory limit reached (see #MaxMem in the help file). The current thread
will exit.
—> 083: Return,str
--- End quote ---

BTW, the folder I'm searching has about 4GB of PDFs, dunno if that means anything.

EDIT: I thought the program stopped, but it's still running the background. I imagine the error was for a particular file, and not for the entire program. Any ideas of what it is? Will it show up in the final log? We'll see!  ;)
Thanks again!

I'm going to assume that you have some large PDFs?  Clear your cache, re-download and see if this latest build gets through that.  Thanks.

Nope. I still get errors, and indeed eventually it crashes.

The largest of my PDFs are 340MB, 210MB, 140MB, and all the other are under 100MB. Maybe exclude all PDFs over 100MB?

Maybe exclude all PDFs over 100MB?
-vevola (July 15, 2011, 03:37 PM)
--- End quote ---

Done, please re-grab it.  Thanks.

So I temporarily moved the larger PDFs and did a search of only under 60MB and it worked (didn't try it with the very last version.)

However, the lists produced don't seem reliable: non-searchable 817; searchable 616.

(The ratio should be less).


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