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Grid Layout software? Does it exist?

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Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows about grid layout software?  Not specifically for the purposes of website design or anything web related, just a general layout tool.  Meaning, I'm looking for a windows standalone program.  It's something that Excel can do, but I wanted to know if there's something designed specifically for this.

Grid layout, as I imagine it, would allow me to create a layout governed by merging and splitting cells.  It's a really cool way to lay things out, and it's sort of how my mind naturally works.  I know Excel can do this, but it's not truly meant for it.  Thoughts?

Treesheets allow grid format, merging of cells for notes. I hope i got your question right.

Treesheets allow grid format, merging of cells for notes. I hope i got your question right.
-mahesh2k (July 11, 2011, 12:09 PM)
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Yeah, I thought Treesheets would be the answer initially also.  But while it's great for outlining, it can't do grid layouts at the moment.  Grid layouts would mean being able to merge and split cells in a pure, direct manner.  Treesheets is still all about hierarchies and nesting, more so that merging and splitting.  I still think it can do the job, but not as easily as I'd like.  But yeah, I think it comes closest.

any software that does tables? html editors, word etc?

I think mahesh2k is right.  Treesheets does this pretty much.  I have a couple of extremely minor issues with it, but nothing significant.  It's going to be really interesting to see how this software develops.  It's definitely being developed at a "hobby" pace, which makes sense, I'm sure not too many people are terribly interested in it.


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