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64 Bit OS - When to Switch ?

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I know that this topic was discussed earlier so let me ask you one question which wasn't covered before. When is the right time to switch to 64bit OS ? Is it when the sufficient drivers are available ? Or is there any benefit of switching to it at the end of 2011 ? I'm asking this because Intel I5 and i7 2nd gen. series processors are powerful enough for 64bit OS. So is it wise move to upgrade ? :tellme:

Apart from that which website or place you look for more information related to 64 bit OS/Errors/Issues etc ?

My opinion is that by now there's no reason not to use a 64-bit OS if you have modern hardware. The only reason I can see for staying on 32-bit is if you have old hardware or accessories (old printer or cameras, etc.) that don't (and will never) have proper 64-bit drivers.

Just switch already. This machine of mine is from 2007, and I've ran 64-bit on it for the last two years without any problems.

If you have more than ~3GB worth of memory, you should have switched already since 32-bit cannot properly make use of anything more than that.

I have been using Vista x64 and Win 7 x64 for years now. System and OS have been pretty decent.

Just remember that your hardware should be relatively recent (2005+) as vendors *should* have drivers for your hardware (using name brand helps). It wouldn't hurt update the system bios while you are at it.

95% of all my software (x32) worked just fine in x64 os.

Just make sure all your hardware (especially the motherboard) supports the 64-bit version of (I assume) Windows 7. Applications incompatibilities going from 32bit to 64bit are trivial compared to going to Windows XP to Vista. To me, the main reason to do this was to take advantage of 64-bit's recognition of more memory than 3MB.

Someday there will be a fake quote from Steve Ballmer saying 8GB is all the memory anyone will ever need, and people will laugh. :D


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