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DONE: wav player without any gui

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Also, to the original poster, is there any reason for the /exit switch?  I mean, it would make more sense to automatically close the app after playing a file but use a /keep switch to keep it running, no?  Otherwise, simply dropping wav files on the exe will lead to several hanging instances.  Your thoughts?

Also, to the original poster, is there any reason for the /quit switch?
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I know I'm not the original poster, but other command-line audio players (like MPD or dbPowerAmp Renaissance) act as background media servers that are controlled via command line; e.g. you start it up then tell it what to do via typed-in commands, telling it what file to play, load a playlist, quit/restart, etc.
So a /exit switch would tell it to start up, play the file and exit without hanging out waiting for more instructions.

Well, this isn't a full-fledged audio player.  It simply plays a single wav file, optionally exits, and that's it.   :)  There are no playback controls, volume controls or otherwise.

Maybe I should name it something else so as not to give people the wrong idea?

Was that using a 64-bit system?
-skwire (July 07, 2011, 11:56 PM)
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The wine test was with a 32-bit system.


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