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Canceled NANY 2012 Pledge: De-stress

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NANY 2012 Entry Information
Application NameDe-stressVersionv0.0.0Short DescriptionLife is full of stress. Work is stressful. Being at home is stressful. This application helps you deal with the most stressful of situations. (Once it stops being a canceled pledge, that is.)Supported OSesWindows XP and upSetup File [url=]Download information not available yet.System RequirementsNone. Actually, the user has to be capable of tons of patience. It's been CANCELED.Author InfoPrevious worstje has taken part in NANY 2011, where he made two contributions: JottiQ and Cautomaton. (And this year, he is proud (and also very unhappy) to cancel this years pledge. He shall do penance.)DescriptionObviously, this program is about dealing with stressful situations. What else is there to tell? (I am totally not pulling another guessing game this year, like I did with JottiQ last year. Honest! :-\) (Nope, I'm making it a 1+ year long guessing game.... CANCELED. Sorry.)FeaturesHopefully you'll leave your desk without a heart attack forcing the paramedics to do so for you.ScreenshotsNone available.InstallationThe application does not yet exist. It is a pledge. No it isn't, it is a CANCELED pledge.Using the applicationYou only have to remember one thing when you are in a stressful situation: De-stress is there for you. Or wait no, it has been CANCELED.UninstallingThe application does not yet exist. It is a pledge. No it isn't, it is a CANCELED pledge.Known IssuesThe name of this application sucks. Also, it has been CANCELED.


promise to stress-test it ;)

promise to stress-test it ;)
-tomos (July 06, 2011, 10:06 AM)
--- End quote ---

Your offer is accepted, and you have been noted down for this life-threatening testing procedure. If you survive the effort when the time comes, my users will thank you. :)


^ Tom quakes in his boots :tellme:

Life is indeed full of stress. I look forward to the early beta.


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