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Sticking to TODO software

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I *can* recommend that people try if they want a web based todo. Not as known or cool, but the "review" mode really is good, and so is the capture. I particularly like that you can do the review mode over instant messenger, for example :)

Making me want to give it a whirl again... but it's not cheap :S
-iphigenie (July 09, 2011, 01:54 PM)
--- End quote ---

They're offering a 60-day eval I think. So I might be tempted.  :)

We're in the process of retooling our business to come to grips with the MSoft cloud initiatives. Since we'll be switching more to sales and consulting, and throttling back on our traditional HW/SW tech support operation, some of the "above & beyond" features sound tempting for the transitional (i.e. running around like chicken sans head) period.

Once we're up to speed we'll likely just switch over to MS's CRM system since we'll be selling it - and the only way to really know enough about something you're selling is to use it yourself. "Eat your own dog food" as they saying goes.


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