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In search of (part two (2)) ... Windows dialogue controller.


Recently - gee, I'm getting repetitive  :P - used a software that allowed me to cause dialogues of a certain [maximum] size to be displayed on the currently active monitor.  And I've lost that one, as well. 

'Twas a TSR that allowed me to specify width and height in pixels.  Then any dialogue window that size or smaller would appear on the monitor where the cursor currently resided.  Think I found it on DC, but cannot find it again.  It may be part of another application, but not certain on that.

Anyone familiar with it?

(These memory lapses of late are getting ver-r-ry frustrating  :o.)

DialogMove, perhaps?

That would be the little beastie :Thmbsup: ... 'twas hiding from me :P.

Now, how do I show this as resolved in the title - or can that not be done from the Quick Reply window?

Never mind, I found it.


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