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NANY 2012 Release: Kyrathaba's Source Code Line Counter

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Introducing Kyrathaba's Source Code Line Counter, a donationware program that, given a project directory, will tally the lines of source code across all source code files within the project (or multiple projects).  Has the option to exclude blank lines and comments.

NANY 2012 Entry Information
Application Name Kyrathaba's Source Code Line CounterVersion Descriptioncounts lines of source code across all files in a project (or even across multiple projects) using physical SLOCSupported OSes Windows XP forward Setup File (~330 Kb)System Requirementsrequires .NET Framework 4.0; the setup program detects the absence of .NET Framework 4.0 and installs if necessaryAuthor Infokyrathaba, author of Kyrathaba's Hangman. My past NANY entries include: Crocus Contacts, Blackjack, and NANY Excuse Manager.DescriptionOption to count or not-count comments and blank lines.
Use standard folder-selection dialog, or drop folder on the listview
Automatically recounts when file extension is changed in the dropdown combo box
Automatically recounts when a folder is dropped on listview
Ability to count files/lines across multiple top-level directories
Supports C, C#, C++, VB, Delphi/Pascal, Bash, Java, AHK, Auto-It
Installationuse the Setup file created by Inno SetupUsing the applicationShould be highly intuitive; I await feedback ([email protected])Uninstallinguse the uninstaller
Known Issuesnone

Make sure to give this a read:

Thanks for that link, skwire.  Based on the article, my program is of the type "Physical SLOC" rather than "Logical SLOC" :)

Version is now available.  It adds "Help"->"About" menu/submenu:

I've updated the program to include the ability to check for (and, if available, download) an updated version.  In the process, I've incremented the program's version a few times (during dev-testing), so that's it's up to

Anyone who has installed the program should uninstall, then download v1.0.0.5 and do a fresh install.


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