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NANY 2012 Idea Suggestion: Virtual Collectible Trading Card Game Framework

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I'm kinda getting stoked about this idea.  I've long wanted software that would allow me to create my own card games that could be played across a network.  Like many people, I was once heavily into the "Magic: The Gathering" card game, and just loved the permutations and strategies that came into play.  I'd love to have something that could enable me to create a similar game, but with my own unique rules set.

Is there anything I can do to help begin this project?  Or, I suppose I should say that the project has a huge headstart in that mouser has done a lot of Python work that can be leveraged in this direction.  What can I do to assist, if anything?

I've been talking to Krishean, a javascript pro who hangs out on DC about the prospect of participating.. I'm anxious to hear what he says.

It may be that the best thing we can do is describe a general system and data file formats and then let different people write different "clients" for it.

In my opinion however the best thing you could at the moment is send me a pm and sign up at and i will add your account to the redmine project page for this project, and you can look around at what we've already written up and maybe test some of the existing tools to see how they compare to what we might do differently.

Okay, I will sign up at Redmine when I get home from work.

ProtoCards (aka ScriptingCards) is meant to be an engine/library which can be used:

    * Out of the box to play generic multiplayer card/board games without implementing any game-specific rules (i.e. just provide pieces and board for users to manipulate)
    * As the core library upon which to build a specific card/board game with support for custom game rules/logic
    * A multiplayer lobby/hub for players to meet up and play.

--- End quote ---

Exactly what I was envisioning, mouser!!  Excellent stuff!


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