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NANY 2012 Idea Suggestion: Virtual Collectible Trading Card Game Framework

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I know there have been some attempts at this before (done mostly in Java), but I've yet to find one that doesn't seem buggy or off-puttingly complex:

I'd like an application (desktop or online) that let's me develop a set of cards, complete with artwork, flavor text, and rules about how each card functions.

If multiple people have access to the app, they can play via internet access.

The most important requirement of this app would be (1) a non off-putting learning curve and (2) a scripting feature to implement rules sets for games, (3) it should implement a way to "win" collectible cards if the particular game is a CTCG.

This is probably pushing the envelope of proper NANY scope, but we've got 6 months, and it doesn't have to be completely polished by the Dec 7th submission deadline, just functional.

it doesn't have to be completely polished by the Dec 7th submission deadline
-kyrathaba (June 30, 2011, 11:33 AM)
--- End quote ---


Complete polishing optional for submission by 12/07 deadline; mandatory by New Year :D

I'd be very interesting in talking to you about this project, and maybe helping contribute to it.

I've long planned a generic card game engine.  I have collected some notes and links -- there are quite a few existing virtual card game and collectible card game software frameworks out there already, but definitely room for another.

My idea was to make it entirely in html5/javascript for online play, but however you do it, i think it's an interesting project.

I've spent some time writing back end python-based support utilities for creating card "pieces" suitable both for printing and using in a computer program.  See here.  While that may look like it's just about rapidly prototyping cards for printing -- that code is also designed to manage machine-readable card data.  I think it would be very useful to any potential computer card game engine.



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