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NANY 2012 Idea Suggestion: Online Game Night Manager


Ok here's a NANY 2012 suggestion for a little web-based service:

"Online Game Night Manager"

A user who hosts game nights at their house can create an account on the site.  They then create a list of entries for each of the games they own or have access to.

They can then schedule game night events, and ask (potential) attendees to visit the site and:

* rsvp for the game night
* vote for what games they want to play
* rate the games that they've played
* make public notes about games or past game night events

Nice!  :up:

If time and interest permit, it would also be cool if character sheets could also be created and saved to an associated online DB, for later viewing, editing.

^  think he meant boardgames, not RPGs...

Good point.  I guess I allowed my enthusiasm for RPGs to cloud my thinking :)


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