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Web alternative to Scrapbook extension?

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Small update.

I tried It indexes your bookmarks, it is free - however I am now using Pinboard.

Why? It turns out being able to search the actual pages is cool (so I can find a keyword even when it is not in the title and description and tags), however from my 1900 bookmarks now about 100 have been removed, including valuable resources. Had I used Pinboard, I would have had a copy of the page. BTW, it also indexes all bookmarks.

The fact that it cost $25 a year for an archival account (this includes the $10 to join) is now worth the fact to keep all my bookmarks since 1994 available, for a long time. I spend more than $2 a month on iPhone apps, so the price is not really a big deal.

The problem in a graphic:

As a bonus, I now only use my day-to-day bookmarks in the browser. Everything else lives on Pinboard.


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