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A follow-up on his excellent writeup in 2009,  Samer from Freeware genius has just posted a new roundup of 43 more great freeware windows utilities.

I was surprised to discover some new applications I didn't know about on the list, and as before Samer does a terrific job of describing each of the programs on his list and just why he likes them.  And I'm proud to say one of my applications (Find and Run Robot) made the cut.

If you use windows, this is a must-read from one of our favorite software blogs.

The common theme here, as with the first one, is that these are all cool free Windows “enhancements”: i.e. apps that tweak or change the way we work with the system environment itself, whether it is working with files, folders, or applications; they are, to quote my first post “apps that brings functionality to the Windows environment that could or should have been built-in options in Windows”.

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And I'm proud to say one of my applications (Find and Run Robot) made the cut.
-mouser (May 23, 2011, 11:57 AM)
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Yup, and also skwire's Drop Zone made it there. :)

For a lot of the tools mentioned there are at least 2 equally nice alternatives, but some are indeed real gems that should be in the spotlight every now and then.

Oh, and I really like the way I can manipulate the sidebar on that site ;D (but that's more of a SSC nature :P)

Also, Apathy's QuickCliq made it as well.  It was released as part of NANY 2011.  Great job.   :)

Also, Apathy's QuickCliq made it as well.
-skwire (May 23, 2011, 04:46 PM)
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I missed that one, sorry :-[


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