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windows file manager with single-click navigation?

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Win 7 explorer offers single-click navigation, but other aspects of it are quite horrendous.
And of course it won't work in XF. Is there a windows file manager with single-click navigation?

Bonus points if it does lynx navigation (arrow right enters a folder, left goes up).

xplorer2 has that option, but the 'lynx' navigation it doesn't, AFAICS. It does feature navigating using BackSpace and Enter keys, though, much like Norton Commander and many of it's look a likes.

DOpus, of course.

Total Commander:

0: Double click starts programs (default)
1: A single click starts programs and opens files (Win98 WEB style)
2: A single click only opens folders. For files, a double click is needed
4 added: The text cursor no longer follows the mouse cursor
-Help file
--- End quote ---

Arrows keys navigation:
- left - assign cm_GoToParent command
- right - assign cm_GoToDir command

I settled on cubicexplorer.


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