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Looking for whiteboard photo cleanup software

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Just as a matter of interest and assuming you have a smart phone, maybe MS' Office Lens would be able to help?

Windows Phone

Just as an example, I use a $19 Lumia phone just for a media player and Office Lens, (no SIM installed), then when I get near a WiFi hotspot the images scanned by Office Lens get dumped to OneDrive so I can access them elsewhere.

+1 for Office Lens

at first this looked promising: "Wikihow: Copy-a-Whiteboard-With-Your-Digital-Camera-or-Camera-Phone":

-only when I was posting here did I notice the sentence "Clean Up Using Photoshop".

The thing is, whatever cms we use -- we will just barely be using the cms features -- just a handful of users, no ability for normal people to create accounts, little or no extensions, mostly static pages.  The likelyhood of security vulnerabilities in such a scenario is close to zero.

sorry posted in wrong topic somehow!

@mouser:  You sure you got the right thread?  (Or it could be I'm not fully caffeinated yet.)


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