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Looking for whiteboard photo cleanup software

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I expect that the legibility of the whiteboard image is very important.  This means that contrast needs to be enhanced, gamma adjusted, extraneous "ghosts" of partial erasures need to be suppressed, perhaps some routinized cropping needs to performed...

Take a look at the free application: XnConvert MP.  It is an interactive tool for building sequences of image edits, then saving them as "batch" files to re-apply to subsequent images either singly, or in groups.  Very robust, many nice features, runs on many platforms (not just Windows).

XnConvert is a member of the XnView family of image tools, all of which are free and of the very highest quality.

It is an interactive tool for building sequences of image edits, then saving them as "batch" files to re-apply to subsequent images either
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that's a very clever suggestion by JohnFred, definitely worth exploring.

Sorry for reviving this old thread, but I came across a one-liner script that uses the ImageMagick library to clean up whiteboard photos:


It's a bash script that uses the ImageMagick library and a straightforward conversion to a DOS batch file works on windows just fine.

--- [email protected] here is the DOS/Windows version:
convert "%1" -morphology Convolve DoG:15,100,0 -negate -normalize -channel RBG -level 60%%,91%%,0.1 "%2"

It doesn't work nearly as well as the PhotoNote software, but it's free and PhotoNote is apparently no longer available (I'm really sorry that I didn't shell out the $50 when I could).

Here's how the ImageMagick script handled my example jpg:

Looking for whiteboard photo cleanup software

It's done a better job with some other whiteboard photos I've used it on.

Did you ever try Kyle Burton's method? It all was a while ago, but he was a "Superuser". GitHub was in 2009 (was? it's still there!) His twitter account snapcleanme was not updated since 2012, and his blog not since 2013, but MAYBE the trick itself still works?: + an email endpoint
It's FREE, but an old "Donate" button is present.

Sure. I first read about the technique at the C2 Wiki CleaningUpWhiteBoardPictures page.
Then I wrote a Gimp Script-Fu script to automate it (clean-whiteboard-photo.scm).
All of that was still too many steps for lazy old me so I hooked it up as an email endpoint.

>>Since 2010, this service has cleaned 10407 pictures for 188 happy people (at least I hope they're happy).<<

5. Read through our Tips for getting the most out of

1. Take a snapshot of your Whiteboard or Napkin masterpiece:
2. Email it to [email protected]
3. Our highly trained team of image gnomes will polish it to perfection, (perfection is a journey right?), and email it back to you:
4. Bask in the glory of your work!

If you have any questions or run into any trouble, please email [email protected] for support.
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If you need to clean up a white board pic on your desktop yourself, you do have a few alternatives:

Gimp Script-Fu: clean-whiteboard-photo.scm
Do it by hand: How to Copy a Whiteboard With Your Digital Camera or Camera Phone
Do it by hand: C2 Wiki Instructions
Use a commercial Product: Whiteboard Photo

I have not used any of the commercial product(s), I'm not endorsing them, I just googled for them. If you have something you feel I should add to this list, please email me.
This is courtesy of Kyle Burton.-can you tell me how it works?
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Did you ever try Kyle Burton's method?
-Curt (August 10, 2015, 12:51 PM)
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I had seen that before, but my whiteboard photos are from work, and I don't feel comfortable sending them out to an email service for processing.  However, your post prompted me to test with with my example whiteboard photo and it did very well with it:

Looking for whiteboard photo cleanup software

Kyle Burton has posted a link to the Gimp script that the email service uses (or at least used - I supposed it may have been tweeked since).  So I can try installing Gimp and running the script myself.  Since I know nothing about Gimp or Gimp scripting, this is a higher barrier to entry than I'd like (basically, install-and-run).  But it seems like something I should be able to get going, and once I do it should be as easy as anything else and possibly produce better results.


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