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help me launch a music file!!!


ok so I set up in Options/search folders   a mymusic folder and in the bottom box the modifier word music. I did this after watching mousers youtube video - so it's all you fault mouser ;D
so now to do a search
I type in +music under      
(this is to find a file called under.mp3)
well it shows as the first item in the results but how do I launch it? So far I have tried these
hit return - but the display results then just change to http:\\ etc.
arrow down key to highlight the first entry and hit return   gets the same
double clicking on the entry - same www.all
how do I launch the mp3file?

I should mention that double clicking the file in an explorer window does play it no problem.

It sounds like the default "music" alias is taking over.

Can you test something for me, go to your custom alias that you called "music" and name it something like "mus" and see if it works then.
Alternatively, go to your Aliases tab, select "Core-Search.alias" and uncheck the built in "music" alias.

"Alternatively, go to your Aliases tab, select "Core-Search.alias" and uncheck the built in "music" alias."

That did it, thanks!  I hadn't even noticed that core-search music alias.  Hey you didnt mention that in the video you did  ;)   Was it a test, oops I failed then :'(


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