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Overlap Wallpaper

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After receiving feedback about user not being able to put the apps shortcut link in startup folder and Google not giving any simpler explanation, I made a webpage in this regard.

Simplest way to put shortcut of a program into the startup folder.

I wanted the steps to be very simple and common to even non-technical person. I will request all to give comments on it to make it even simpler, if possible.



-anandcoral (June 27, 2011, 02:57 AM)
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Thank you for this.  These steps are 'old hat' and simple to some, but if a person hasn't done it before they don't necessarily know where to start.  Or what to search for.  ie the feedback you received.  It's not that they can't do it, it's just something new to them.

Just updated Overlap Wallpaper to version 1.5.0

Main feature added is "Preview mode in settings", to instantly preview the size, transparency and position changes of the overlapped photo.



Hello Anand,
I tried Overlap Wallpaper (version 1.5.0), well that is "nice to have" app  :Thmbsup:,
I'm not sure it is right way (right thread) to ask,
but as background image and overlayed may have different (combinations of) color / contrasts
the overlayed image may not look stand out(may not be correct words)

>adding facility to add frame to overlayed image and / or
simply a shadow at "right and bottom"/left and bottom" or as per location and users choice would separate the overlayed image from desktop wallpaper
>secondly not a must feature but a kind of slide show would be good for user set interval...

this is for information only...
Well, I have rainmeter installed, you can see frame over wallpaper,
SpoilerOverlap Wallpaper

My friend liked it and wanted same on his pc but he don't know coding or tinkering(!) code for users with little or no knowledge of coding your app is great (don't take it as you know a wrong statement I'm just making my point clear...

Really liked the app and ease of doing what you said

OverlapWallpaper, very nice.
I have been using Skwire's FrameLess for this overlapping.
But yours has more features.

Updated to version 2.0.1, long over due, nearly a year.

- New setting, reload photo after every given seconds.
- New setting, show photo always on top.
- New setting, make a given color in photo transparent.

I have also added "Feature and Tips" page on website to help the new users.

Please give some feedback, as did not get enough time to check the app in different combination.

@stophereareyou, I have added the 'interval' option as 'reload'.

Thanks Vernon.




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