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Overlap Wallpaper

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I promised to make an App as a thank you to DC members, so here it is.

Latest version is 2.6.0 (03 Feb 2015)

Description (of the application) :

Displays a photo on the desktop wallpaper in overlap manner, so that one can have the photo of loved ones on different wallpaper images on desktop. The overlapped photo can be sized, and positioned on desktop as required; and also can be made semi transparent.

Benefits (of using it) :

I like to have my family photo on my desktop (who don't). Now sometime I come across a good nature image as desktop wallpaper (I like nature, abstract etc.). To have my loved ones photo over the nature's wallpaper, I open up image editor, adjust the two images, save and set as wallpaper, done. In another few months, I find a breath taking image of water fall and want it as my wallpaper. Open image editor, and ... done. When I need to change the family photo with the latest naughty one of my son, I look for the image editor, and ... done.

Well as a developer, somewhere inside me I was not feeling good. I wanted the benefit of both worlds and in automated manner.

Googling gave me many freeware wallpaper changers and some with collage facility. All these does the job but not as I required. I wanted the wallpaper to change the main background image but keep my family photo overlapped on it.

I made one, which does as required. It shows the given image overlapped on the existing desktop wallpaper. Further one can use a wallpaper changer and have the loved ones photo always overlapped on different wallpaper images.

My colleagues, who wanted the same but could not use image editor properly, love it. We all have our religious photo (looks like we all turn religious as the pay day nears), overlapped on different wallpapers on all our desktop now.


( in case the above link does not show fully)

Hope you will find this software useful.



That s a very cool idea.  Thank you for sharing! :up:

Works perfectly here by the way.

Was just featured on ghacks today with a long writeup:

Thanks a lot, Mouser.

I also like to thank here, Martin Brinkmann (gHacks) for such complete writeup.  :)



Love it. Great idea! I like being able to mix up two different wallpapers.


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